Sunday, 22 August 2010

Sunday Brunch

Sometimes  - frequently @ weekends - only a good grease out will do. This is as close as I come, these days: no meat; but I do eat eggs & cheese. Well, I am who I am & I make no excuses. It's hard to get a really fresh egg in LDN but I buy the best available, strictly medium-sized. I've got a poacher and I do like egg sarnies, fried over-easy; but my favourite way with eggs is to scramble them, slowly, or, as in this case, make a two-egg omelette with Emmental. Time invested in roasting tomatoes with a pinch of salt before finishing them under the grill is rewarded by an intenser tomato hit, which I traditionally enhance with a drizzle of HP. 'Shrooms are sauteed and stewed in milk, like my Granny Peggy taught me, but I do draw the line at cow juice and use soya milk, instead. Plus lashings of black pepper. I'm buying Morrison's own brand organic baked beans at the mo. and Burgen soya & linseed bread, which is as close to Vogel's as my local supermarket gets.

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